Kustaa Saksi | First Symptoms at Galleri Format

Kustaa Saksi is a Finnish artist and designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, fascinated by visual delusions and rich color palettes. Using a traditional Jacquard weaving technique, Saksi combines natural fibers such as mohair, alpaca, cotton and wool with rubber, metal, acrylic yarns to create digital to analog textures.

Kustaa Saksi’s exhibition presents three unique artworks of his First Symptons‘series of tapestries, inspired by the scientific examination and personal experience of migraine. A visual interpretation of migraine can be observed through the usage of drastic contrasts in material use, repeating patterns and rhythmic textures with disorders. By highlighting the different migraine disorders phases of prodrome, aura, attack, and post-drome, the artist’s tapestries show their influence on nature’s systems, scientific illustration and tribal art to black metal visuals.

Words of Kustaa Saksi: ‘Being a lifetime sufferer, I have a very personal relationship with my migraine. It’s like an old, slightly tiring friend visiting regularly: always indiscreet and unconditional, never bland. Sometimes the aura takes more trying forms (…) What fascinates me, is the visual delusions connected to the attacks. Usually pattern-based, kaleidoscopic, identical structures sometimes flickering, forming and reforming all over the visual field – common in migraine auras for most sufferers. It is only occasionally that these are formed to arrays of faces or animals or other recognizable objects. Often geometric structures cover the whole visual field: checkerboards, transparent oriental rugs, tribal patterns, ornamental spherical objets d’art like radiolaria or bacteria, repeating wallpaper designs, spiderweb-like figures or concentric circles and squares, architectural forms or decorative paper-cut snowflakes, mosaics, spirals, and swirls. ‘

Exhibition Details | Location: Galleri Format Oslo Rådhusgaten 24 N-0151 Oslo | Date: 16.01.2020 – 08.03.2020 | Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00 & Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00.

Photography: Thomas Tveter.