Lawless stool: embracing irregularity through craft by Aratani Fay

Lawless Stool is a furniture series developed by the collaborative design studio Aratani Fay – a design duo composed by Ayako Aratani and Evan Fay. This series is a poetic statement against the industrial design world: on the one hand, it has the knowledge of craftsmanship, the methods. One the other hand, there is chaos, but a beautiful one, resulting in a ‘celebration of spontaneous forms’, fusing design, art, and craftsmanship into each design object.

Celebration of irregularity through design and craft

Aratani Fay: The Lawless series is a celebration of irregularity through intuitive design and craft, aiming for spontaneous forms to balance metaphor and utility. The making process is about rhythmically connecting, weaving and growing each piece that is not influenced by rules or conventionalism to realize a liminal position between design, art, and craft.

Aratani Fay: Our current work proposes an expressive attitude towards our hectically evolving environments and present-day dilemmas. Finding comfort in dystopia and beauty in chaos could be an opportunity to embrace new perspectives in design. In some ways, we are responding to a vast and varied environment around us to make poetic statements against the industrial design world. 

About the future of Crafts in Design

Aratani Fay: Craft is very important to our practice,  each piece is made entirely with our hands in the studio which requires time and many different processes to complete one project. Transforming materials with time, love, and hands into clear expressions is something that we are passionate about and we hope that this care will come is apparent in the end.

Aratani Fay: Seemingly there is new acceptance and interest in cross-pollination or hybridization of design languages. At the same time, people often choose the objects we possess to be representative of our values which, we foresee and hope that more unique craft processes will reach a mass audience that can appreciate hands and individuals over automated machines. 

Interview with Ayako Aratani and Evan Fay | Photography: Aratani Fay.

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