Made by Rain: Textile register of rain fall by Aliki van der Kruijs

Is it possible to wear the weather?

That’s what the Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijs asked herself.

The result is a concept in which rainfall is recorded on textile, called ‘Made by Rain’, where she developed her own technique: pluviagraphy. Following this technique, the textiles form a collection of weather data: a growing collection of weather imprinted on textile from different times and locations around the world.

Aliki van der Kruijs: Rain is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. I questioned what it would be like to capture the experience of rainfall on textile, so it would become possible to ‘wear the weather’. The project Made by Rain is an ongoing research into this matter.

My research started after I inherited twelve calendars from my grandfather. On these calendars, he described the weather, every single day of every year. After my grandfather’s example, I started to map the atmosphere. Only whereas he wrote it down, I looked for a way to do it visually.

In order to imprint rain, I developed a new printing technique I call ‘pluviagraphy’. By use of a film of ink on textile that is sensitive to water, I am able to transfer rain precipitation onto textiles. The textiles form a collection of weather data: visual recordings of a drizzle day or heavy rainfall, imprinted in textile. It results in unique clothes that are given their actual precipitation data of location, time and weather conditions. This makes that I consider the pieces as ‘documents’ framing a specific event.

Although the work comes from a very personal/family relation with the weather I think it is a very universal topic. Everybody deals in daily life with the weather and almost everybody as well with the rain. It is not that I developed this work as a reflection on current trends. It was something that came from intuition and that I connected to facts like for instance more rainfall due to climate change and behavioral patterns that made the work topical. There is an expansion of people wanting to (re)connect with nature. Made by Rain resonates from that.

Website: Made by Rain.
Interview with Aliki van der Kruijs.

Featured Photo:© Femke Hoekstra | Second and Third Photo: Lonneke van der Palen.

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