Molten Memories carpet by Sarah Roseman at Salon Veneman

Molten Memories carpet is a large-scale floor piece made entirely from reclaimed materials and developed by Canadian designer Sarah Rosema. Because of its huge scale, It suggests us an unconventional experience as adults and invites us to take the perspective of a child exploring a living landscape – cushions look like mountains and the carpet feels like the tickling grass between garden stones.

In the development of this work, discarded carpets were spun into new yarn and tufted to form texture reminiscent of toys on the floor. The cheap qualities of laminate wood were transformed into organic islands and edges from broken tiles were smoothened to form soft river stones. The project actually started ‘as an archive of found materials from our collective past, taking pieces from house renovation and demolition sites from around the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands’.

Sarah Roseman is a designer/Material researcher based in the Netherlands and educated at Eindhoven Design Academy. Committed to more sustainable choices through unique processes and new materials, Sarah aims to evoke a sense of joy with her playful and imaginative pieces.

This exhibition takes place at Salon Veneman, a walk-by gallery on the ground floor of Tongelresestraat 1 in Eindhoven.

Exhibition Details | Location: Salon Veneman, Tongelresestraat 1, Eindhoven | Date: 26.01.2022 – 25.03.2022.