Momo: a ready-to-use modular solution by Irena Übler

The new Momo collection is a continuation of the Como series that resulted from clients’feedback towards our modular concept and products. COMO – cork modular – is a shelving unit with a hexagonal shape composed out of assembling parts, a simple tool-kit aiming to inspire people to assemble their own furniture and make them part of the creative process.

Why opting for square modules on the Momo Collection?

Irena Übler: The many variations of the “Como concept” and its endless options are very tempting, but we understood that many customers in their daily routine don’t change the format so often. Once they decide on their favorite shape, they would rather keep it, instead of transforming it again and again. With Momo you get the perfect fit and a piece of furniture for the rest of your life. Opting for a square module was a decision for making it more simple in terms of assembling and more practical for storing objects.

Momo as a ready-to-use module set.

Irena Übler: Momo is the solution for our clients who want to receive a ready-to-use module and it will be delivered already assembled. Compared to the COMO collection the new Momo has fewer variations, but with its minimalistic design approach and simplicity, you gain more perspectives. It fits easier to many surroundings and necessities and offers you many options for storage.

In order to have as little material off-cuts in the fabrication, the two smaller modules arose and the logic in terms of production process stays the same. We use almost every centimeter of the raw cork board. Even the little inner off-cut material of the smallest Momo cube is transformed into a new table lamp.

Valuable lessons learned throughout the process

Irena Übler: While working with modular furniture I learned to give value to the ideation and exploration process. Having a proper design process methodology will strengthen your concept from the very beginning and the fabrication of mock-ups and integration of testing the intuitive use in the initial process is very important to find is new options. Flexibility in the creative process and giving time and dedication to the feedback of different types of people – best even out of the design area – is significant to explore new ways of product development. I believe in puristic modular design based on geometric shapes inspired by the environment.

People have different needs, spaces are never the same, so in my opinion, creating a modular set to be adaptable in different environments is a strong point for sustainable product development. It can get quite complex when keeping at the back of your mind as well your product life cycle, trying to get to the bottom of necessity and designing a project with long-time and even though having in mind what will happen with it in case one day it goes to the garbage.

Modularity and scalability

Irena Übler: The concept behind modular furniture is that it can be broken apart, rearranged and slotted back together, to allow more flexibility in the way people live and create their spaces.

Rather than creating unique pieces for only specific rooms the way should be designing adaptable furniture that could be used flexibly in different living environments for long term periods. Modularity and scalability for me have a close-knit connection. All Corkmodular products work as single free-standing modules but also in combinations of a bunch.

Besides having a modular set, my intention is always to find a way to make personal compositions for different user profiles. I prefer a certain openness and honest design approach which even leaves technical parts of furniture even visible, understandable and exchangeable, instead of hiding them behind cushions or wooden surfaces. The customer should be able to disassemble and re-arranged whenever he feels like.

Interview with Irena Übler of COMO cork modular.