Their name is OWN (OBJECTS AND NARRATIVES). There are no mysteries or metaphors behind it – they want to design objects that deliver an emotionally compelling experience. We all know Steel can be difficult to work with, mainly because of its cold and raw aesthetics. But OWN accepted this material’s condition and created One Curve Chair, an abstract chair inspired in a very simple form: the curve. The steel plates of this chair let the observer discover the ever-changing soft materiality by the sharp edges of steel, while the object becomes the center of a three-dimensional experience.

The Beginning

OWN: The project was born out of a simple discussion: How can one relate to an object in the 21st century when we have unlimited tools to create any shape possible? We inspired ourselves by looking at one of the fundamentals of sketching where almost any creative idea starts. Something so simple -understood by anyone- yet so strong, the curve.

The Process

OWN: Since one curve creates the entire project, it was of absolute importance to find the best one. We examined many curves by making several test models in order to create an enjoyable sitting experience. Secondly, we tested multiple thicknesses to reach the thinnest and lightest chair possible while keeping a stable whole. Steel is seen as a fixed and static material often coated or hidden behind other finishes. By tempering steel, we try to retrieve its hidden characteristics and reveal its true beauty.

OWN: This narrative starts from physicalizing the curve. By bending 3 planes along this trajectory and intersecting them, a structural entity is created. The two-dimensional line becomes a spatial object, which on its turn creates complex three-dimensional curves.


Production & Steel Tempering: Max Lipsey | Photography Oscar Vanhulst