Organic forms by Konsepta Design

After working 20 years in Art Direction and Graphic Design, Claudia Issa felt the urge to search for something more challengeable. Throughout that search, Claudia discovered how to use her hands in a new way, and as she says, how ‘to enter a new three-dimension, the dimension of the object’. A ceramicist then was born.

The Beginning

Claudia Issa: When I started to work on ceramics, I intended having a sculptor’s approach to the matter, instead of a more traditional form/function designer one. So, since the very beginning 2 ½ years ago, I wanted the pieces to express something in the first place and not only to serve a practical purpose.

Organic forms

Claudia Issa: My view is that the object in my work only succeeds when it transcends the definition of its application and even challenges it. So, the natural forms as you call it are not intentionally “natural”. I’d say that they are organic, less rationally designed and more subliminal created as I leave my hands thinking instead of my mind.

Current themes

Claudia Issa: My recurrent theme is imperfection. Distortions, odd angles, extreme curves, irregularity, disproportionality, etc. The point is that you find a lot of that in nature. The inherent beauty of nature lies in its forms which are not perfect by design or architectural definition. A piece of carbonized wood, for example, has the form of a plant that was “sculpted” by fire. When I incorporate that into my work, I’m not trying to create a décor piece, but a more artistic object that expresses something and at the same time tells a story. It’s a vase, but its visual expression is stronger than its use. Actually, if you don’t use it as a vase, you got it. Great.

The Raw Concept

Claudia Issa: Taste is “móbile qual piuma al vento”. So, “raw” is a concept that can be deceiving if faced as a trend and generally applied to everything. Raw in my work is sometimes the result of trying to make things express more fundamental, elemental and universal feelings. I seek not to “design” too much as I don’t want the technique to become in the way of these inner expression possibilities. I believe that people want to connect more in this new era for sure and by connecting, I mean emotionally not only digitally. Emotions can not be distilled too much. Deep emotions are naturally raw.

Claudia Issa: I think that the innovations in this new society are taking things to a level where the one-to-one forms of creation, production, and distribution are increasingly a reality. Crafters are gapping the industrial present to step directly onto the future, a future that is very close by and is more personal. My proposal is artistic, more than commercial, my production is handmade – not industrial – because I believe in the one to one approach, made step by step, seeking eyes that know how to see.

Interview with Claudia Issa from Konsepta Design.