Paper Bricks by Studio Woojai

When I was taking out the rubbish one day, I saw there were lots of paper rubbish in the bin. And most of them were newspapers and advertisements which we get a lot in our mailboxes and which we only look for few seconds and throw away. I thought this was a pity and wanted to give stronger and longer lasting life to these papers. I have always been fascinated by working with different materials and finding their hidden potentials. So I was experimenting with paper to re-create them to be able to be used for different purposes as to their original intention, therefore I aimed to create furniture out of them. In my research to create a stronger and stable shape and form, I came to the form of bricks, hence the PaperBricks were born!

Using these PaperBricks, I have constructed the PaperBricks_Pallet series to show how it can be used constructively to create furniture. The PaperBricks have the strong and marbled aesthetics of construction materials but has the soft and warm surface of the paper or textile.

I start my designs from the materials. Shapes and functions are also very important but I personally believe the materials can give much more stories and feelings to a design. When a material’s characteristics are studied and used well, it can not only aid aesthetically but they can also contribute to designing the whole product with their qualities. The materials can shape and give function to the design according to their characteristics. I think there are already lots of designers who also work with a great emphasis on materials and I believe these approaches can make the design scene much more interesting!

Interview with WooJai / Photography: Studio WooJai

Trends: Sustainable and Shared.