The idea of preserving seeds in wax reminds us of a safe treasure that maintains its vitality and goes through different biological stages. This concept, explored physically and metaphorically by artist AINO in her SEEDS series, features a haze of captivating brown tones and discreetly emphasizes the permanent transformation of the seeds.
AINO is a multidisciplinary artist who works on visually fragile pieces with a focus on enhancing the beauty of details. Born in Russia and living in Germany, the artist investigates questions of human behavior and its relationship with material creation.

SEEDS piece by AINO

Sun Flower
Sun Seed
Some where
Same Sun
Some say
Same say
Some day
on Earth

The Beginning

AINO: In German, there is a beautiful word named durchlässig. It literally means ‘letting through’. You are not a creator, but a careful listener willing to let the Creation manifest itself through you. Every time the work on a new piece or series begins, I concisely choose this inner position. I am in a state of deep calmness. A peaceful, awake presence. So every single piece becomes a new experience.

SEEDS piece by AINO

SEEDS Series

AINO: SEEDS is about preserving a treasure, both physically and metaphorically. A beautiful Sunflower contained in a tiny seed is a symbol of the magnificence of life itself — strong and fragile at the same time. Wax as a preserving material has a unique quality of sealing the natural elements without blocking their original structure completely. So the sealed seeds are not simply embalmed, but they maintain their vitality, going through different stages of biological changes. All four pieces of the series are in a permanent transformation, constantly changing their colors through the chemical reaction within itself and the overlaying wax.


SEEDS piece by AINO

Process & Challenges

AINO: In the case of SEEDS, the process does not end with the technical completion of the series. Due to the specific processing and combination of the materials, each piece is a physical metamorphose. The notion of creating a piece of art that lives its own life is fascinating. I see it as a shift from nature morte to nature vivante…

Detail of SEEDS piece by AINO

AINO: The challenge has been the one I face every time – to lay your hands off the piece at the right moment. It is a subtle process. If you are not careful enough, you can lose the connection to the piece you are working on. If this happens, you can miss the moment when the physical form is complete and overdo the form, producing what you think it is, not what this particular piece needs to be. It is like a relationship with a living being — you need to be sensitive and connected.

Words by Rita Trindade and AINO | Photography AINO