Slice Series by Studio Jeong Ho Ko & Hyoungho Park

Slice series is the result of a collaboration between Studio Jeong Ho Ko and Hyoungho Park (Frnkl Design Studio). These two Seoul based designers developed a collection of stainless steel seats and side tables, whose forms represent the balance between tension and relaxation. Although slice series’ pieces appear unstable or uncomfortable, this sharp collection was designed with a main utilitarian purpose.

The Beginning

Jeong Ho Ko: We wanted to create a work that was easy to understand and sympathetic to people. In other words, we used direct expression rather than complex and metaphorical stories. Slicing is an easy word for anyone to understand. By minimalizing the form (just slicing geometry shape), people can easily feel the tension as we induced. As a result, users can approach our works.

Jeong Ho Ko: Slice series is a project that shows the balance of tension and relaxation in form. Balancing between tension and relaxation, we can lead to various senses. Tension causes us to be sensitive, making us focus on the surrounding environment, causing our senses to become clearer. At the same time, relaxation makes it possible to comfortably accept these clear senses.

Metal stereotypes

Jeong Ho Ko: We wanted to break people’s stereotypes and have a strong visual impact at the same time. Metal is one of the materials that people feel that is almost impossible to break or slice. By using this stereotype, we thought that our work would have more impacts if our Slice series is made of metal. Finishing was the most challenging point in our work. Especially expressing roughness at the side plate was more difficult than any other process because it has to be darkening and rough but not so raw at the same time. By working on various experiments, we found out that there was a clear rough painting that we could do.

The slice series is the result of a collaboration between Studio Jeong Ho Ko and Hyoungho Park( | Interview with Jeong Ho Ko | Images: Jeong Ho Ko.

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