Tempo by Jorge Diego Etienne for La Fábrica Social de Techo A.C.

Tempo is a pro-bono collaboration of Jorge Diego Etienne to support the Fábrica Social de Techo A.C, a non-profit initiative in Latin America dedicated to the manufacture of emergency housing in marginalized communities. It is a collection of furniture of great simplicity in its design, with an unpretentious aesthetic under the philosophy of creating timeless and well thought out objects. The collection consists of 10 designs made mostly from the remaining material from the Factory’s emergency housing manufacturing.

The design is based on taking advantage of the workshop’s resources, following the construction processes and wood crafting techniques by Techo. A constant in the collection is the clear and simple design that demonstrates the expert craftsmanship and experience of the workshop and its collaborators. The resulting pieces give a sense of warmth and tranquility and can be combined with each other or work as solitary furniture.

The Beginning

Jorge Diego Etienne: When Techo approached us with an idea about using their workshop to produce furniture and add another revenue stream for their social projects, we were all in. I’ve been aware of Techo’s cause for years, and contributing through our designs is a great opportunity. That’s why we rejected any fee or royalty for our work and decided to do it pro-bono.

Creative and Development Process

Jorge Diego Etienne: The first step was to get to know their amazing workshop, skillful team, and great capabilities, and from the start, we knew this project had great potential. After understanding how they produce their housing projects, we realize that what was considered discarded material for housing, could be our prime resource for furniture. The clear design language makes the production efficient, and the details in joints push them forward into a well designed contemporary furniture object. We wanted to create pieces that fit into any environment.

Main Challenges

Jorge Diego Etienne: As we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and Techo is based in Mexico City and we are in Monterrey, remote communication was key. We are glad to have Alonso, from Techo, leading the project on their side. Through him, we were able to develop accordingly and supervise the prototype production with the level of detail we regularly do.


TECHO is an organization present in 19 countries in Latin America, which seeks to overcome the situation of poverty that millions of people live in popular settlements, through the joint action of its inhabitants and young volunteers. They are currently developing a webstore for the collection. If you want to know more about Tempo’s collection, you can reach Alonso alonso.cantu@techo.org for a price list and more information.

Interview with Jorge Diego Etienne | Photography by Rodrigo Chapa.