TRBN 1916 / JUPITER by Turbina Studio

Turbina is a Spanish art & design studio dedicated to developing and manufacturing objects that question time and movement. There is a respectful exploration and comprehension of materials, their forms, and implicit symbology in all of their works. The TRBN 1916 / Jupiter project arises from the studies of stone as a symbol of the sacred, and the ancient act of piling up stones on a mound, present in different cultures. It is a modular piece composed of spheres and semi spheres stacked together in multiple combinations.

The Memory of Materials

Turbina Studio: We try to respect the material’s own language. Each material contains its historical values and an internal symbology that send us profound and ancient feelings. This is why we talk about the memory of the materials and the vibration it provokes in us. We explore each material and each technique in an unorthodox way until finding its nature and behavior, which always brings us to new experiences. A very slow and meticulous, manual process.

The main concept of TRBN 1916 / JUPITER

Turbina Studio: The TRBN 1916 / Jupiter project arises from the idea of the stone as a symbol of sacredness. The relationship between stones and the sacred has been consistent through time since man habit the earth. This is how Litholatry or the worship of stones comes about. Their positioning in a chosen place grants them sacralization, transforming the space into a place of worship where the union between the heavenly and earthly worlds. (Omphalos).

Turbina Studio: It’s based on one of the most primitive, natural, and intuitive gestures of the human being: the act of piling up stones on a mound. These ancient constructions, present in all cultures have been employed as physical and spiritual reference points. Therefore, Jupiter is a modular piece composed of spheres and semi spheres stacked together in multiple combinations, usable as bedside tables or sacred sculptures.

Creative Process and Challenges

Turbina Studio: The Jupiter pieces are complementary to Satellite, inspired by ‘betilos’ and dolmen. Together they form a spatial configuration that sends us to the megalithic monuments of ancient times. The spheres and the columns are made of stone cast: from applying an organic reaction to alpha calcium the process of material curing is irregular and unpredictable. After cleaning and sanding, the resulting pieces are always unique and different from each other. The TRBN 1916 installation is arranged in different constellations, the subtle movement of lights and reflections on the shapes take us to a contemplative universe.

Turbina Studio: As a way of ritual dedicated to stone as matter, we have worked from essential forms, free of embellishments and full of symbology. The final result brings us to an austere beauty, a raw and humble, so like the stone, connecting us with primitive and natural values still present in our common imaginary.

Interview with Minerva and Mateo from Turbina Studio | Photography: Turbina Studio.