Vases Collection by Gilles Werbrouck

After working in the Fashion Industry for 4 years, Gilles Werbrouck decided to open his own studio, where he focuses on Knit produced with unconventional material or dead stock collected from fashion designers at the end of each season. The choice of working with Knitted textiles and materials results from their versatility regarding textures, choice of yarn and color, elasticity and finishing techniques.

The Beginning

Gilles Werbrouck: It started with a few coffee tables that I found on a flea market in Brussels – I bought them and I replaced their tabletops by knitted linen and videotape. After this first experience, a set of videotape crochet murals were developed, followed by a set of lamps with the same materials. My Vases collection came to me as a natural step to finish the full picture. I started my studio to feature knitted textiles for interiors. I feel they are underrepresented in the industry – which is a shame, considering knit allows a whole different range of textures, patterns and finishing possibilities as opposed to woven textiles.

The Vases Collection

Gilles Werbrouck: I aim for creating intriguing shapes, strong textures, and innovative craftsmanship. I like to push visual boundaries. The base of the vase sleeves is a circle that I build up in circular crochet, the shape comes organically. What I liked about working with these vases or with the murals is that I have my base to work with, I need to start somewhere and finish somewhere, what happens in between is exciting. These vases are made out of recycled glass and the sleeve is made out of videotape that I crochet. What is interesting about crochet is that these sleeves can be custom made to fit any type of vase. Although, there will never be an exact replica.

Gilles Werbrouck: The choice to work with dead stock came to me when I started the studio. I was living in Antwerp and twice a year designers have their stock sales, many of them also sell their yarn. From a sustainable point of view, it made more sense to me to give that yarn a “second chance” rather than buying new yarn. It takes a little bit more time to find the right qualities and it’s not always the right quantity but in the end, I like the challenge.

Gilles Werbrouck: When it comes to unconventional materials, it’s a different story. The videotape was the first material I started to use, because of its texture, strength, and ability to hold shape while keeping the desired shape very light. It was great using it, however, interestingly enough, there are many different types of videotape. There are multiple shades of blacks and greys, some are shiny on both sides some have a mat back,… The challenge was to find enough of the same to create a series.

Interview with Gilles Werbrouck.

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