Vinte cinco com vinte cinco, cinquenta by Rita de Almeida Martins


Vinte cinco com vinte cinco, cinquenta starts with a common everyday object – the flower pot. Here, its function is reduced, enlarged, transformed or even canceled, and represented in twenty-five jars and twenty-five cylinders.

A reflection of the narrative relationship with product design

Rita de Almeida Martins: Certain gestures are associated with certain objects that end up being part of our daily life. Many other people share those same gestures, and we all associate experiences and create stories for them. This collection appears as a vehicle of communication of this attentive look, through the materialization of our gestures into products, together with narrative fiction.

Vinte cinco com vinte cinco, cinquenta by Rita de Almeida Martins

The fantasy thought laid on the pieces

Rita de Almeida Martins: As the designer, I’m also the narrator of its story. I wrote short stories, that suggest the continuation of a story that is already being told by our interaction. An extension of our gestures is linked to two characters, one action, and one common memory. The selective focus on the narration and the unfolding of events facilitates the identification of the elements that compose this collection – the hands, the water, the vegetal elements, and the architectural space – and the critical understanding and development of the fantasy thought laid on the pieces.

Twenty-five actions are chosen and two base forms as a canvas. The materialization of these actions is repeated, twenty-five gestures are represented both in twenty-five jars and twenty-five cylinders. Each piece built by the author is unique. The generic shape of the container in faience is combined and changed with the manual ceramic production. The most relevant contribution of this conceptual effort will be in the rescue and renewal of our process of interaction and relationship with objects,built on the idea of speculative observation and experience being noticed and described as tales, almost as a mandatory factor, the ‘tell a story’ for the affective and cognitive approximation of a product.

Interview with Rita de Almeida Martins about “vinte cinco com vinte cinco, cinquenta” 2018/glazed faiance.

Trends: Experienced Narratives.