Wearable Nature by Sarah Bourke

An exploration of natural forms, curves, and shapes similar to the evolving forms in nature, combining Australian and exotic hardwoods with sterling silver. Sarah Bourke’s work is a Jewellery manifesto for the Australian native flora and all its natural beauty.

The Importance of Nature and Sustainability
Sarah Bourke: Natures role is a very important part of my design and making process.
Each design I have created using the forms of nature from where I live. My studio is amongst the beautiful spotted gum bush on the southeastern coastline of Australia – amongst the bush north of Tathra on the far south coast of New South Wales.

My work is a balance of wood and silver combining the soft and hard elements into wearable forms, exotic hardwoods complimented by sterling silver, resulting in bold yet elegant designs. The silver I use is recycled and the wood usually is pieced too small or unusable for furniture. However, I also purchase larger beautiful timber that is ethically sourced (greatest respect for old endangered trees) from Northern Territory Ironwood, Brigalow: Gidgee and Wenge, known for their rich colours and defined grains. My studio is also off-the grid so all power to make my work is made from the sun.

Australian Roots
Sarah Bourke: I was born in regional Australia and have a strong connection and respect of the land I live in. I believe this country holds an ancient powerful untouched natural history that needs to be preserved and recognized.

Australia has a very strong contemporary jewellery scene with a diverse range of style and creativity. Jewellery is a source of personal expression of design. The support for quality in craftsmanship and beauty is strong here.

Interview with Sarah Bourke.

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