Wood composite basins: an innovative and sustainable solution by Woodio

Definitely Woodio’s own material innovation: the water resistant solid wood composite.

Our ecological and sustainable material is the very core of the brand. Bringing wood into bathrooms is something very different and modern. For us, it is the way to show how innovative Woodio is as a brand and how innovatively and sustainably wood can be used today. Our water-resistant wood composite is also a choice for ceramic materials which as an industry is very heavy on the environment.

Our products are designed and produced in Finland. Always with a focus on design. This means local sourcing and aiming to create beautiful yet functional products for everyday use. We feel that Woodio really stands out compared to other bathroom collections and brands available at the moment.

Our founder Petro Lahtinen is Doctor in Chemistry and he has been working with wood-based solutions also before. Woodio is his expression to show woods possibilities as building and interior material yet with a design ankle. Woodio’s material is very scalable so we will be launching new product lines and collections in the future. Always exploiting the water-resistant quality. This is something our team is constantly working with.

Woodio definitely reflects this current time and trends. With wood this is coincidence, it seems that wood is more of a trend now than a few years back. Still, people’s way of responsible consumption and responsibility for nature and the future is something that is in line with our brand and our materials ecological feature and sustainability. Having said this, we still believe that product needs to have a good design and “beauty” in addition. It needs to be functional.

Interview with Outi Hartman from Woodio.

Content Credit: ©Woodio and Through Objects.

Images: ©Woodio.

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