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Local Bio-based Materials Course

Course by Copenhagen’s NATURAL MATERIAL STUDIO (Founded by Bonnie Hvillum) in collaboration with Through Objects. This is a longer course edition (2 months) that includes the theoretical and practical foundations as well as the time needed to carry out a well-founded project focused on local biomaterials. From gaining an understanding of fibers, resins, and binders and their interaction, to developing your own materials based on local resources, these training sessions aim to change our perception of waste and materials. The main objective of this course is to provide you with the right knowledge and tools about biomaterials and the support you need to integrate these materials into your field of work, artistic vision, or design work. Please note that this is a theoretical-practical course. Students should be committed to taking some time outside the classroom to research and develop their final project.

DETAILS: 2 Months | Intro session (1:30h) + 8 sessions (2:30h) | All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants | Course completion certificate given by Bonnie Hvillum, course mentor | 620€ (VAT incl. / Exemption for educational events).

Course Program


Introduction (Rita Trindade and Bonnie Hvillum): In this Intro Session, we will all introduce ourselves and start exploring your WHY through a reflective exercise.
Date: coming soon



Biomaterials Essentials – BioPlastics: In these first sessions, we will be focusing on understanding the different types of biopolymers, plasticizers, and solvents within bioplastics. This will be the center point of our work with biomaterials. They will be technical, experimental (with hands-on exercises) and reflective, finishing with exercises for the coming weeks. Date: coming soon


Biomaterials Essentials – Bio Composites: With our learning points from sessions 1 and 2, we will dive deep into a technical understanding of the composite definition and use it to learn how we can create biocomposites. These sessions will be technical with experimental (hands-on exercises) and experimental homework exercises for the coming weeks. Date: coming soon



Methodology Toolkit: Based on the technical and experimental learnings with bioplastics and bio-composites, we can now start to analyze and understand the properties as well as qualities of the materials we have designed. We will focus on the methodology behind the material-driven design (MDD) and learn how we can apply that to your biomaterials (Mood Board Project Template). Date: coming soon


Project applied to your working field: Based on your material designs and your gained in-depth understanding, we can now accelerate your own individual design projects. We will discover your unique position based on your background and working field, and how these new materials could be used in that context. Date: coming soon



Feedback & further development: This session will be focused on individual and group exercises, as well as a reflective talk to set your testing points for the coming week. Date: coming soon



Presentation & Discussion.
Date: coming soon

OFFSET by Natural Material Studio. Photography Ananda Ferreira

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