Charta Tables by Domenico Orefice

Domenico Orefice is a Milan-based designer and art director. He founded his eponymous studio in 2010, focusing on branding, product design, and interiors. His work is based on respecting matter and its history, transcending the traditional distinctions between design, craftsmanship, and art. The latest projects range from self-productions to limited editions which rediscover archaic materials, as raw earth or cotton cellulose. These materials work side by side with artisans, changing them with new technologies and languages in order to create primitive-contemporary objects.

Charta Tables

Charta is a limited series of coffee tables made with pressed and hand-worked cotton cellulose, colored with earth pigments and natural oxides. These coffee tables are inspired by the ancient process of artisanal paper production. Domenico Orefice designed his Charta Tables in 2019. The pair can be used together as a coffee table or separately as side tables. Each part of the table is defined by a different color, in a chromatic progression from light to dark.

The Beginning
Domenico Orefice: Charta is part of “Le Terre” collection: objects and furnishings born from the rediscovery of materials that for centuries characterized the Mediterranean culture, and whose natural and re-usable origins satisfy the current need for a sustainable production. The goal is that this object could be reworked and absorbed by the environment. The materials used are all-natural.

Main Techniques
Domenico Orefice: The inspiration for Charta, a limited-edition line of furnishing tables, is linked to the collaboration with Manifatture Soffici Milan and their researches on the processing of cotton cellulose, traditionally used for the handcrafted production of paper. To produce these tables, we used cotton cellulose, which went under a pressing process afterward – as for the ancient Fabriano paper production technique – and then colored with natural oxides and earth pigment. 

Main Challenges
Domenico Orefice: The main challenge was to bring this material to its maximum thickness. In addition, we used this limit to make a specific three-dimensional shape, showing its two-dimensional origin.

Available Works:
Title: Charta Small Table
Materials: Pressed cotton cellulose dyed with earth pigments and natural oxides.
Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 40 cm | Price: 1064 €*

Title: Charta Large Table
Materials: Pressed cotton cellulose dyed with earth pigments and natural oxides.
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 36 cm | Price: 1420€*

*Excl. VAT.

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