Chloris, Csenge Győrbìrò


By Csenge Győrbìrò
strawberry seeds, lavender, saint johannis herb, sunflower petals, blue cornflowers, pfefferminz leaves, rose powder and raspberry seeds, and more other types of raw materials from nature.
140 x 70 cm

Unique work, 2021
Price on request

About Csenge Győrbìrò

Csenge Győrbíró is a young textile artist who works with untreated natural plants as raw materials for artworks. She graduated in 2020 from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest, Hungary. As a designer, she is interested in natural materials, material research, and innovative methods of materials within the field of art and design.

Detail of Chloris by Csenge Győrbìrò, 2021. 140 x 70 cm

About Chloris

The plant-themed artwork collection was developed for a new kind of interaction between the viewer and artwork via touch and smell. Referring to the topic of climate change and the plant biodiversity loss in nature, the floral shapes are filled with selected untreated natural plants and pressed with an innovative technology that saves the natural smell and structure of the plants.

Mixed materials and materials development are often the focus of my work. I am intrigued by the battle between “effect” and “honesty” within artworks. There is a tension between a desire for the work to remain raw and sincere and the editing process so that truth is disguised. The exploration of these issues is still evolving. My interest in textile design, natural materials, sculpture, and installation is driving me to push the boundaries, try more, experience collaborations with other visual artists and designers.” Csenge Győrbìrò