Flux Series by Anni Hagberg

Anni Hagberg is a visual artist and ceramicist based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. Her practice investigates material agency, as well as the structural and textural metamorphoses that occur through the ceramic firing process. Anni’s sculptural works are built from a combination of traditional ceramic materials and found waste materials.

Flux Series

Anni Hagberg: These forms are inspired and shaped by the materials I have used to make them and how these materials interact with one another when they go through the ceramic firing process together. I am fascinated by how materials transform in relation to each other, so I try not to impose myself on the materials too much and instead let them lead the development of the work. For instance, porcelain tends to has a strong nature of its own, which leads it to crack, slump and distort any chance it gets. So, when combined with glaze, metal, and other materials you can get some really interesting and unexpected outcomes.

Stages and Processes
Anni Hagberg: My works go through multiple stages and processes. I usually start with collecting waste materials that I use throughout my works – this can be anything from broken glass and scrap metal to charcoal or residue from welding. I then form metal structures around which I build layers of glass, ceramic, glazes, stains, and waste additives. The works are then carefully dried and once-fired to as high as the form’s structure will allow.

Main Challenges
Anni Hagberg: The main challenge in making these works is finding the right balance of known and unknown in the material compositions of the works and the making process. Material testing is an important part of my practice, but I also love to experiment and am especially drawn to volatile and unpredictable material combinations. This can lead to really unexpectedly beautiful outcomes, but also, unfortunately, means a high risk of failure and occasionally damage to the kilns I use.

Available Works:
Title: Flux 1
Year: 2020,
Materials: Porcelain, steel, stain, fiberglass, copper, and glaze
Dimensions: 24×20×24 cm
Price *: 580€+VAT

Title: Flux 4
Year: 2020
Materials: Porcelain, raku, steel, stain, and fiberglass
Dimensions: 56×35×44 cm
Price *: 1600€+VAT

Title: Flux 10
Year: 2020
Materials: Porcelain, raku, glass, glaze, and steel
Dimensions: 29x25x18cm
Price *: 580€+VAT
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