FRIEZE Series by Woven Form

Woven Form is a handwoven textile design studio based in South East London and owned by textile artist Charlotte Wakefield. The studio is focused on creating unique, contemporary art pieces for the home by working with traditional craft techniques alongside gorgeous textural yarns in a range of beautiful colours found in the natural world.


Frieze – the central band in a classical entablature above the architrave and below the cornice; or often a decorative band running under the cornice of an interior or exterior wall. This small collection of handwoven textile art pieces are created using thin merino wool and mohair yarns in blue, terracotta and light grey colours.

Main inspiration
Woven Form: My main source of inspiration for a project is architecture. I go for walks around London and take lots of photographs of different buildings focusing on patterns, shapes, textures and colours. Then I look through all these images when I am starting a new series and see what calls out to me. I like to zone in on the images and pull out small sections which inspire the colours, patterns and yarn choices to create the different textures.

Creative Process
Woven Form: I decide on a general colour palette that comes from my inspiration, then I take a whole bunch of different yarns off my shelves and just have a play around to see what I come up with. Weaving is a very freeing experience for me and I create my work in the same way. I enjoy the exploration of trying anything out, often really beautiful pieces come out of this. Weaving is a slow process and does involve a lot of trial and error so I am always wishing for more time when working on a project. It would be amazing to spend months and months on each project but I do not always have that luxury.

Available Works:
Materials: Merino Wool & Flag.
Dimensions: Approx 32cm x 42cm | Price: 135€

Materials: Merino Wool & Mohair Eyelash.
Dimensions: Approx 32cm x 42cm | Price: 160€

Materials: Merino Wool & Mohair.
Dimensions: Approx 32cm x 42cm | Price: 170€

Materials: Merino Wool, Alpaca & Mohair.
Dimensions: Approx 51cm x 32cm | Price: 135€

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