INCLUSION Installation, Denise Bresciani

INCLUSION Installation

By Denise Bresciani
Installation of thirty handmade ceramic sculptures Red stoneware enameled and fired at a high temperature
20 x 300 cm/ dimension variables

Unique work, 2021
Price on request

About Denise Bresciani

Denise Bresciani is an Italian architect, experimental designer, visual artist and performer, currently based in Toulouse, France. Her multidisciplinary practice explores pre-conceived ideas about materiality. The artist’s work is process-oriented, focusing on experimenting with vegetal, animal, mineral, edible materials. Directly inspired by the natural shapes, her work questions the process of transformation and metamorphosis: with the last project Inclusion, she opens emotional channels and evokes penetrable spaces while combining the anthropological dichotomy between nature and culture.

INCLUSION Installation, Denise Bresciani. Solo exhibition Seconde Nature in France, covered with straw. Photography Didier Taillefer and Denise Bresciani
INCLUSION Installation, Denise Bresciani. Photography Denise Bresciani
INCLUSION Installation, Denise Bresciani. Photography Denise Bresciani


INCLUSION is conceived as a modular architectural model of shelters. This series of ceramic sculptures lined up on the floor and materializes the idea of growth. The installation is made up of unique pieces which allow the arrangement to be modified according to the exhibition spaces or home spaces.
The full installation is based on the concept of protection and, it was exhibited last spring in the solo exhibition Seconde Nature in France, covered with straw. The ceramic works in INCLUSION make reference to forms found in the natural world such as the shapes of shelters and nests made by certain animals (insects, moles), and to the vernacular architecture of Africa and India, where dwellings are made of clay.

Clay is the material through which the artist-designer connects these two worlds; choosing to work with two kinds of red stoneware which happen to be called Indian Stone and Africa Sauvage. INCLUSION sprung from the wish to create an installation connected by a relational movement of traveled trajectories. One object touches another by inclusion, others remain alone; empty spaces being created in mutually dependent interstices. Random and deliberate interpose so as to evoke a new cohabitation between human and nature through ‘inclusion’, and respect.