By Signe Emdal
Hand looping mohair sculpture.
57 x 180 cm

Unique work, 2021
Price on request

About Signe Emdal

Signe Emdal is a Danish textile artist focused on translating color, texture, and symbolic heritage into new artistic objects & spaces. Signe’s core skill is to vision connective structures and draw deep threads between the past and the future in subtle and organic ways. She picks up esoteric details during her research process and expresses that information through poetic handmade textile compositions and tapestries.

Detail of INFINITY ROOT, 2021
Hand looping mohair sculpture, 57 x 180 cm. Photography: Kristine Funch.
Detail of INFINITY ROOT, 2021
Hand looping mohair sculpture, 57 x 180 cm
. Photography: Kristine Funch.
SKILLFUSION Collaboration: INFINITY ROOT (Signe Emdal), 2021 & METAMORPHOSIS (Riikka Peltola), 2021
Hand looping mohair sculpture, 57 x 180 cm
. Photography: Kristine Funch.

About SKILLFUSION * & Collaboration with Riikka Peltola

*SKILLFUSION is a concept designed by Signe Emdal in 2019 for professional artists to create a solid friendship with an artist they adore. It is a concept to develop a fusion of skills between artists.

Collaboration // Textile sculpture duo is the result of SKILLFUSION, an initiative that started in spring 2020 by Textile Artist Signe Emdal. It is a dialogue between the fashion and textile designer with different artistic visions wanting to discover ways of communication and collaboration through a shared artistic research process.

Concept // Signe Emdal and Riikka Peltola’s research process is based on the concept of plant intelligence, and it is strongly inspired by Brilliant Greens‘ book by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola. Plant communicating and two plant senses – sight (in plant world sense of light) and touch (in plant world sense of hearing) – are in the center of the artists’ final pieces.


INFINITY ROOT // This hand looping mohair sculpture constructed on a wooden tapestry loom is a result of Signe’s fascination with plants’ mechanisms of communication and collaboration through touch –  it is a way of messaging other plants and species about important information. As Signe told us, ‘the sensitivity of these systems is incredible, often invisible to the human eye, yet so much greater level of subtleness and understanding of circular systems. The plant’s intelligent strategies are designed to sustain on earth for millions of years – I call this sentient intelligence.’

Process & Colours // Signe Emdal: The process became slow and meditative, and the color gradience emerged along the way from my communication with Riikka. We started out with natural earthy tones of colors, but we wanted to also add one highlight colour.  Red became our choice. Red is the colour of the “root chakra” in Indian philosophy, located in the lower root of the human body. We chose this colour intuitively together, and the red color ended up representing plant life/death and ALL life/death/love on earth- in general. Shortly after, I lost my father. This project gave me purpose, hope, support, and energetic strength and we are truly all connected like plants.

Photography: Kristine Funch.