Rita Frutuoso is a Portuguese designer dedicated to the investigation and support of activities and projects in ceramics, glass, and plaster at ESAD.CR (University of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal). After graduating in Design and finalizing a master’s degree in product design, Rita keeps her taste for research and finds herself pursuing her Ph.D. in the same field.


LIGAÇÕES IMPROVÁVEIS is a series of artifacts made in ceramics with objects previously collected from nature, in order to transport us to a natural reality and value the simple, the attention to detail in what surrounds us.

The Beginning
Rita Frutoso: This series arises on my initiative, from the desire to explore ceramics. Because it is a clay paste made up of ingredients that the earth offers us, ceramics aroused my curiosity to understand how I could link it to objects I collected from nature, in order to add value and awaken in others the will to keep them.

Materials & Processes
Rita Frutuoso: The work process was planned. In the first phase, there is a meeting between nature and chance, driven by the sensitivity to find something that for some reason arouses particular interest, thus the selection of pieces. In the next step, the idea is to section them, and, through reproduction from a plaster mold, a formal reproduction of part of the piece is made, which materializes in ceramics, assuming contraction (natural in the ceramic process). At this stage, there are pieces that were glazed and others were not, having concluded that the glaze was expendable in this project because without it all the details of the object remain visible making it thus more true. In a final phase, the ceramic element finds its place, connecting with the natural element, rescuing the total shape of the original piece, creating an “unlikely connection” (in Portuguese, “Ligação improvável”).

Man-made & Nature-made
Rita Frutuoso: In this series, I believe that there is a relationship between man-made and nature-made, in the choice of a material that is harvested from the earth, and which materializes through it, through clay, and is eternalized under the action of heat, in ceramic. There are two actors, nature and the creator of the work that eternalizes that same nature, replicating, seeking to highlight how nature deserves contemplation and prominence.

Rita Frutuoso: I believe that these elements have contrast and harmony. In contrast, because admittedly there is an evident differentiation between the original and ceramic pieces, the latter being always in its original color and preferably white, seeking to accentuate the natural element. As for harmony, it also exists, in the sense that, despite being sectioned, the pieces reinforce the continuity between the materials, where nature reveals itself and ceramics portrays.

Available Works:
Materials: Faience, tree trunk
Price: 453€ (VAT incl.)

Materials: Faience, natural cork
Price: 120€ (VAT incl.)

Materials: Faience, cane root
Price: 470€ (VAT incl.)

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