By Riikka Peltola
Hand crochet paper sculpture
120 cm (D)

Unique work, 2021
Price on request

About Riikka Peltola

Rikka Peltola is a knit artist from North, Tampere (FINLAND), whose focus is on creating visual textile concepts using both industrial machine knitting and analogical hand knitting. In her practice, Riikka uses soft materials to create precious objects. Her fine art textile concepts are built by using both computer based industrial machine knitting technology and traditional craftsmanship methods. Working is driven by creative engineer mindset, thinking process as a system, wrapped with personal sensitivity and eagerness to understand world.

Hand crochet paper sculpture, 120 cm (D). Photography: Kristine Funch.
Detail of METAMORPHOSIS, 2021
Hand crochet paper sculpture, 120 cm (D). Photography: Kristine Funch.
SKILLFUSION Collaboration: INFINITY ROOT (Signe Emdal), 2021 & METAMORPHOSIS (Riikka Peltola), 2021. Photography: Kristine Funch.

About SKILLFUSION * & Collaboration with Riikka Peltola

*SKILLFUSION is a concept designed by Signe Emdal in 2019 for professional artists to create a solid friendship with an artist they adore. It is a concept to develop a fusion of skills between artists.

Collaboration // Textile sculpture duo is the result of SKILLFUSION, an initiative that started in spring 2020 by Textile Artist Signe Emdal. It is a dialogue between the fashion and textile designer with different artistic visions wanting to discover ways of communication and collaboration through a shared artistic research process.

Concept // Signe Emdal and Riikka Peltola’s research process is based on the concept of plant intelligence, and it is strongly inspired by Brilliant Greens‘ book by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola. Plant communicating and two plant senses – sight (in plant world sense of light) and touch (in plant world sense of hearing) – are in the center of the artists’ final pieces.


METAMORPHOSIS // The crochet sculpture is a representation of plant resilience and its elegant strategies on how to adapt in changing circumstances for catching the light, getting hydrated, or finding nutrients from the soil.

Riikka’s Interest in plant adaptation guided her to positive Phototropism (Tropis=Turning Photo=light) – a term for a plant reaching toward the source of light by stretching and bending itself. In her own words, ‘delicate see-through crochet layers float on top of each other imitating plant motion and growth. There are limitless ways to look at it from different perspectives. It is constantly turning, twisting, and bending’.

Process & Colours // Riikka Peltola: My artistic working process is tightly attached to the plant world. The fiber used on my piece comes from pine trees. It is delicate, yet strong twisted natural color paper yarn. I wanted to see the growing process with my eyes and feel it in my hands, so I ended up making work using the slow crochet technique. Working with this technique is meditating and organic as the structure repeats itself and hands are in repetitive movement. The shape grows hyperbolically from the first center loop to the edge stitches. Metamorphosis describes this developing process from bud to blooming creature.

Photography: Kristine Funch.