Missed/Tentative Connections by Lucy Kent

Lucy is an artist/maker currently based in West Yorkshire. Her practice is heavily focused on the environment and influenced by Land art and the Arte Povera movement. With an emphasis on natural materials and repetitive making processes, Lucy’s work investigates the ephemeral properties of her chosen materials and acts as a form of documentation for her ever-changing surroundings.

Missed/Tentative Connections

‘Missed/Tentative Connections’ by maker Lucy Kent seeks to investigate the interconnected and complex systems of roots while exploring the relationship we have with seen and unseen elements of our nature. The final pieces have been made on paper to acknowledge the fragility of the world we live in or alternately the fragile conditions we require as humans to be able to survive on the planet.

The Beginning
Lucy Kent: The initial idea for the series began in April last year when a friend was running a project to encourage creativity during the pandemic. The first work from the ‘Missed/Tentative Connections’ project was created in October 2020. However, the work was made in connection with another ongoing project ‘Eroding Time’ that I have been working on over the last few years. Following on from my ‘Eroding Time’ series exploring how humans interact with and impact the natural landscape, ‘Missed/Tentative Connections’ is a further exploration into root systems and considering land and land ownership.

Lucy Kent: The pieces are part of the series ‘Missed/Tentative Connections’ which focuses on root systems. Within this new series, I am working with photographs, cyanotypes and photograms to create imagined root formations. By splicing, dissecting and reforming the aforementioned, I work through a process of distancing from the roots depicted. Using the new image, lines are redefined in paper form through embedding marks into the paper using a needle.

Main Techniques
Lucy Kent: While working with photographs, cyanotypes, and photograms, I am able to explore both real and imagined spaces. Using a similar technique to my previous work, lines are redefined in paper form through embedding marks into the paper, allowing me to explore how much you can do with just one material and a needle. I can use paper over and over and every time achieve a different outcome. 

Available Works:
Title: Traverse
Materials: Khadi Papers Cotton Rag Paper
Dimensions: 175 x 280 mm | Price: 110€*

Title: Reaching
Materials: Khadi Papers Cotton Rag Paper
Dimensions: 208 x 148 mm | Price: 62€*

Title: Surround I & II
Materials: Khadi Papers Cotton Rag Paper
Dimensions: 302 x 211 mm (each piece) | Price: 245€*

*Price doesn’t include postage/packaging.

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