NOLOOM by FIBRA Research

NOLOOM is the latest project of the textile art group FIBRA Research, founded by Adriana Fortunato and Caterina Fumagalli in 2019. The materials used in this project are natural and high-quality fibers such as silk, linen, wool, cotton, and by-products of the world-famous Italian textile industry. With these fabrics, NOLOOM produces unique pieces entirely by hand without the use of looms. The recovery and use of these precious materials, that would otherwise be discarded, gives another dimension to this environmentally-friendly textile-art project.

NOLOOM Collection

The Beginning
FIBRA Research: Fibra Research has been giving voice to women’s creative work in textile art and collectible design since 2018. The NOLOOM project was born in Italy during the first Covid-19 lockdown – working remotely via zoom, analyzing all the raw material we had collected in the factories, and doing small tests. In May 2020, we resumed this work physically, and together we began developing the NOLOOM collection. We started by composing the works inspired by the textile art of Anni Albers, Lenore Tawney, Maria Lai, and other important figures who have definitely changed the contemporary textile art scene. Then, two different approaches were identified to the collection: one called Freefiber showing linen, and the other using selvages called Cimussa.

Artistic Upcycling
FIBRA Research: Our working materials (fibers and textiles) come from the Italian textile production chain of excellence, which includes silk, linen, wool, cotton, and viscose. We chose to develop research based on the circular economy that aims to extend the life cycle of products, helping to reduce waste to a minimum and giving a new meaning to the concept of waste, in our case, fiber. As a result of artistic upcycling, we give our fibers a new meaning: from a material with no precise destination in the commercial production chain to handcrafted textile work, an installation of archaic inspiration, made with traditional techniques, capable of dialoguing with the contemporary environment.

Creative Process
FIBRA Research: Our creative process is the result of long research inspired by textile art and the important female figures of the Bauhaus movement. Before producing our collections and works of collectible design, we devoted time to the study of textile art, particularly women, and investigated the influences of decorative elements in the Italian culture (old rugs, tapestries, fibers, etc.). Our work is developed with a transversal creative approach that focuses on different themes.
The NOLOOM collection is built entirely with 4 hands, without the use of the loom. We use fibers that result from tests of colors, textures, and production waste, the results are experiences applied to the re-reading of the tradition of female manual work – crochet, knitting, embroidery or simply making cuts, knots, wefts with your hands.

Available Works:
Title: NOLOOM Cimussa 002 – Sfumature di bianco
Materials: viscose, cotton, linen | Dimensions: 185 x 105 cm
Price: 4.348€ inc. VAT

Title: NOLOOM Cimussa 003 – Sfumature di mogano
Materials: viscose, cotton, linen | Dimensions: 130 x 55 cm
Price: 3.542€ inc. VAT

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