the discovery of honey – sunsetstrip, Caroline Areskog Jones

the discovery of honey – sunsetstrip

By Caroline Areskog Jones
Digital archival print and pen
21 x 30 cm

Unique print, 2020
Price on request

About Caroline Areskog Jones

Caroline Areskog Jones’s ecology of practice utilizes various methodologies of print to seek out dialogues, overlaps, and places of interconnection between the human and non-human. Rhizomatic in form, its foundation lies in drawing, where it acts as a means to move around an idea, rooted in research and strongly connected to environmental concerns. A body of work develops over time through direct engagement with materials and the language of print, taking the form of moving images, objects, multiples, limited editions, or book form as directed by what evolves. Since completing her MA at Royal College of Art in 2019, opportunities to develop a unique language have grown through residencies, exhibitions, collaborations, and publications both at home and internationally. Caroline’s work is held in various collections having been the recipient of awards and shortlisted as a finalist in selected competitions.

Caroline Areskog Jones
Detail of the discovery of honey – sunsetstrip by Caroline Areskog Jones. Digital archival print and pen. 21 x 30 cm.

About the discovery of honey – sunsetstrip

Long concerned with ecological issues and environmental histories, this series features digital images of ancient trees where Caroline’s family is situated. Acting as silent witnesses, living archives recording human activity, ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Emergent’ respond to the challenge in New Zealand of these beautiful, ancient Kauri trees, suffering from dieback disease which is wiping out its population.

They are considering what the future holds. ‘Sunset strip’ features obliterated ancient pines from Swedish forests in danger of monoculture planting and subsequent risk of destructive fires. ‘Burnt’ is an evocation of these ideas, considering the cyclical regenerative possibilities of nature and the elements.