VIOLETTES by Cindy Valdez

Cindy Valdez is a Berlin-based designer born in a small town in Perú. While studying at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK), she made diverse design internships; as in “Cucula” – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design, Studio Sebastian Herkner in Frankfurt, and won different design competitions such as Ikea Stiftung Germany. She is currently focusing on the potential that design has to expressing nature and making the public aware of what we have, to be able to change the perspective we have on nature, to value it, and give it the importance it deserves, in our current society.

‘Some of the most precious assets that one can take from home are one’s traditions and story. I believe in the outstanding potential that design has to change lives and perspectives. My job is between classic craftsmanship and digital innovation. On the one hand, the processing of clay, a traditional craft material that has existed since the beginning of humanity, and on the other hand, a machine with high technology of our time in the form of a 3D print.’


‘Today the earth’s biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate. Design has the power to communicate ideas and transform the way we understand the world. The main objective of this project is to create a collection of containers for daily use around the table. It is possible to migrate local clay from the countries involved in the potato’s history and using digital techniques, to 3D print containers drawing on the topographical patterns of the archaeological site of Moray and the form of traditional crafts, such as Moche pots. Digital design tools are also able to capture and use the diversity of potato shapes to create new aesthetics that represent nature to us in thought-provoking ways. In this way, it is possible to cause controversy around the table, drawing attention to the value of the traditional farmer’s work, prompting conversations about biodiversity, and encouraging new points of view towards nature.’

The Project
Cindy Valdez: This project tries to communicate to society the value of the different forms and colors of biodiversity, related to the local environment and let society also think about all the work beyond biodiversity of food on our tables, that thanks to the good farmers who work respecting nature, is possible to preserve.
I was experimenting with new shapes from nature, which was a challenge for me as a Designer, trying not to control the shapes, but letting the shapes of nature take control of what they want to be. It was very exciting and emotional to see how digital tools, nature, and local materials can work together to create new aesthetics that are able to communicate and bring nature.

Inspired by potatoes
Cindy Valdez: Violettes is a species of potatoes that usually come from Germany, France, and England. The clay pieces have a kind of yellow and soft orange color, according to their local source. VIOLETTES’ color was achieved through a special color mix with porcelain, inspired by the biodiversity of potatoes, their shapes, and color.

Available Works:
Materials: Porcelain/Clay | Technique: 3D Printing
Price: 70€ (small) / 90€ (big)

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