Walking Wheatfen, Winter, Lizzie Kimbley

Walking Wheatfen, Winter

By Lizzie Kimbley
Paper, willow (for hanging) and natural dyes
170cm x 38cm

Unique work, 2019
1600 €

About Lizzie Kimbley

Lizzie Kimbley is a textile designer and artist working with woven textiles to create artworks for galleries, public and private spaces. Conscious of the volume of waste sent to landfill each year and the need to value our natural resources, she explores responsible textiles and circular design. “I have a material-led approach often using natural found materials or those leftovers from other design processes. Inspired by my natural surroundings and a love of walking I use natural materials and local color to create works with a narrative of place and a sense of calm and quiet beauty.”
Since gaining an MA in Textile Design in 2019, Lizzie Kimbley has been selected for the Crafts Council’s Hothouse program and also shortlisted for the Fine Art Textiles Award in 2020. She is currently working on an Arts Council England DYCP funded project at Blickling Hall in Norfolk and she is a part-time Lecturer in Textile Design at NUA.

Detail of Walking Wheatfen, Winter by Lizzie Kimbley. Paper, willow (for hanging) and natural dyes. 170cm x 38cm
Walking Wheatfen, Winter by Lizzie Kimbley. Paper, willow (for hanging) and natural dyes. 170cm x 38cm

About Walking Wheatfen, Winter

‘Walking Wheatfen’ is a collection created in response to the Wheatfen Nature Reserve in Norfolk commissioned by the Broads Authority as part of their Woven Waters project. ‘Walking Wheatfen, Winter‘ is a wall-based woven textile piece inspired by walking and drawing in winter at Wheatfen Nature Reserve. The paper yarn is naturally dyed using plants from Wheatfen; birch, ash, alder and iron.

“Over a year I walked Wheatfen at different times of day and in the changing seasons. As I walked, I gathered plants for natural dyes and made drawings in response to the textures and patterns within the landscape.”

“The colours and drawings combine with material experiments to inform my woven work. I enjoy the parallels between walking and weaving; the slowness and movement of walking are echoed in the repetition and rhythms of the weaving process making each a mindful and meditative practice. I love the peace and calm when I lose myself in my thoughts while walking. Everyday worries are left behind, and I get a real sense of being at one with my surroundings. I try to capture this within my work.” Lizzie Kimbley